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“Work is Love Made Visible.” — Kahlil Gibran

Mountain Oven is an all organic bakery making tasty sourdough breads, pastries, preserves, and offering farm-to-table catering and pop up events.
Mountain Oven bread is baked with creativity and love in the beautiful mountain town of Paonia, Colorado. We stone-grind our whole-grain flours in-house and use natural leaveners for optimal nutrition and flavor. Our bread is canvas proofed and baked on stones. All our ingredients are organic. Whenever possible, we source from the abundant local producers of Paonia and Hotchkiss whom we are lucky to share this valley with.

We understand health holistically: our soil, our spirits, our bodies, our sustenance, and our community are all inextricably linked. Wholesome food is nourishing to both body and soul – feed your soul!

We see ourselves as a river in our local foodshed – connecting you to the source – sculpting food from the fields into beautiful, wholesome products for our local community and visitors.

Our mission is ambitious and energized, large but localized

Through our actions and creations, we seek to:
  • Inspire and connect people with the Earth and each other by cultivating awareness and gratitude for the interconnected systems that provide our sacred sustenance.
  • Cultivate resilience and independence from systematically/historically intertwined injustices leading to the desecration of the Living Earth and the dehumanization of World’s People.
  • Hold integrity and accountability for and through our work and creations.
  • To create value in our work and run an economically sustainable business.

Health is Holistic
(Self, Community, Earth, All-One)

The Earth is Sacred.
So are You, and all Life that springs forth.

Our food is more than the sum of ingredients – our energy and intention have profound effects upon the products we create. We have potential to affect positive vibrational change through creation of love-based foods.

Strong local economy is essential in nourishing a sustainable community.

Acting Principles

We create wholesome, nutritious, delicious foods for our community.

We source organic ingredients and local ingredients as much as possible.

We use many traditional bakery techniques to create nutritious, delicious, and beautiful goods.

We honor each person involved as a full and complex being, striving to create a positive and peaceful environment through communication and acceptance.

We continue to learn, grow, and co-evolve.