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Peasant Herb (Italian Herb & Olive Oil)


Peasant Herb (Italian Herb & Olive Oil) 10010

Peasant Herb: a partial whole-wheat boule with tender crumb from the added extra virgin olive oil and a blend of Italian herbs. Rosemary, thyme, sage, and oregano. Sea salt. Balanced, aromatic, and ideal to compliment many a'meal.

*Bread is life! Literally, our sourdough breads are teeming with microbial activity as we work with them in our kitchen - providing sustenance, nutrition, and connection. We put immense effort into our breads to make them as nourishing and nutrient available as we can. Our loaves are made with fresh milled flour, fermented carefully, hand shaped and baked on a hearth - taste the difference!*

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Peasant Herb (Italian Herb & Olive Oil)