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Muffins 00027

Our muffins are hearty snacks, packed full of good stuff - these aren't your typical fluffy sugar and flour muffins.

MONKEY MUFFINS (GLUTEN-FREE): banana, toasted walnut, chocolate chip

TRAIL MIX MUFFINS (GLUTEN-FREE): peanut butter, oat, raisin, chocolate chip, sunflower seed, flax

GREEN MAN MUFFINS (VEGAN): zucchini, cranberry, cacao nib, chia seed, coconut oil

HUNGRY BUNNY MUFFINS (VEGAN): carrot, raisins, cashews, ginger, cinnamon

LEMON POPPYSEED MUFFINS (VEGAN): lemon, coconut oil, chia, poppy seed

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Muffin Varieties Monkey Muffin (GF) (3.5) Trail Mix Muffin (GF) (3.5) Green Man Muffin (Vegan) (3.5) Hungry Bunny Muffin (Vegan) (3.5) Lemon Poppy Muffin (Vegan) (3.5)