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Mountain Challah


Mountain Challah 10007

Mountain Challah: our take on the traditional Jewish braided loaf, mixed with eggs, coconut oil, and partial whole wheat - lightly sweetened and soft crumb. Perfect as a pull apart bread, good for many applications! Have it as the most tender french toast, pair with soup, or lightly toast and butter to have with your eggs in the morning. This loaf is different from the rest of what we make. It's softer than our other hearty rustic style sourdough loaves.

*Bread is life! Literally, our sourdough breads are teeming with microbial activity as we work with them in our kitchen - providing sustenance, nutrition, and connection. We put immense effort into our breads to make them as nourishing and nutrient available as we can. Our loaves are made with fresh milled flour, fermented carefully, hand shaped and baked on a hearth - taste the difference!*

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